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Doug Ehrmann, a farrier based in New York, has created a new product to deal with equine hoof problems like cracks, wall separation and white line disease. Issues with the hoof wall, if not addressed, can cause lameness and can cost an equine owner thousands of dollars to rectify. Ehrmann used an anti-bacterial, zinc-coated insert placed in the hoof wall to encourage wall growth from within. Dubbed "D.E. Hoof Tap," these inserts, when tapped flush with the wall's weight-bearing surface, encourage new wall growth internally. Once in place, the horse can be left unshod or the taps can be covered with a horse shoe or boot. Some horses wear only one tap and others may wear multiple taps, depending on the issue being treated. When the next round of trimming is due, the farrier can remove the taps with a nail puller. When used, the taps do not impair hoof flexion or expansion in a barefoot horse. The taps can be used instead of shoes on hind feet and help aid in transitioning a shod horse to a barefoot lifestyle. Now in use on show horses as well as racehorses, it is believed that Hoof Taps will be very helpful in rehabilitation podiatry.

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