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Working with a Club Foot

When asked to work on a horse with a club foot, take extra time to evaluate the whole horse. Look at the horse from all angles. Watch the horse as it takes a couple of steps; this can help you see where the foot cannot take stress. A horse will protect himself just as you do when hurting. Learning this and understanding the lame horse is mandatory for a farrier to have a successful, positive shoeing experience. Doing anything less is simply application, not correction.


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Basic Hoof Preparation

The foundation of any shoeing job is the foot preparation. One statistic that all farriers should be aware of is that most chronic lameness is caused by poor or improper foot care. Look at it this way. The horse is stuck with the job you do until the next time he’s shod. Unfortunately, if the work is hastily done and the feet are out of balance that’s what the horse has to work with as a base of support.


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SX-7 and Liberty Cu Nails with Bobby Menker, APF CJF

The hind foot on this barrel racing horse is being shod by Bobby Menker, APF CJF. Bobby used Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory’s Ranger Lite Rim shoes up front and is using SX-7 unclipped behind. He forged a slight lateral extension modification on the hind shoes to provide some extra support. His choice for nails are the Liberty Cu 5 Slim nails with Copper Shield Technology that have been growing in popularity in the US and Canada. You can see from the nail line that Bobby’s fit, the precise punching of the SX-7 shoes and the consistent driving features of the Cu nails combine for a nice result.

Shoeing Tips & Techniques Part 4

Michael Wildenstein demonstrates how to shape a shoe and nail it on the rear hoof of Pat the Percheron.





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