Mustad HammerHead nail: the Racenail revolution!
We are proud to introduce a new Racenail that is like no other: the HammerHead.
This revolutionary nail has an amazing, unique rectangular head to enhance durability of Aluminium shoes.
Unique HammerHead features include: A specially designed, wide rectangular head for added durability along the full shoeing cycle a distinct neck and head waffle design, combined with the exclusive Mustad Pitch technology, providing a safe locking solution into the shoe crease a long and slim shank, to drive high when needed, provides an easy clinching designed for the thoroughbred hoof: the sharp, exact point ensures a consistent drive, minimizing the hoof wall impact to an absolute minimum. This versatile nail will fit into all creased race shoes punched for City Head and E-Head
The blade length/size are: Size 0 = 1.61" (41mm), Size 1 = 1.73" (44mm) and the size 2 = 1.85" (47mm).  (Capewell 4.5 race is the same length as a size 1 Hammerhead)
Size 0 and 1 come in 24 box cases and size 2 in 12 box cases.**BUY A FULL CASE AND SAVE 7%**


* For orders outside the US and Cananda, please email us at orders@well-shod.com or call 1-800-206-2181.


Item Description Price Price Break UM
20592 Mustad Hammerhead 0 Race Nails $18.90
1 - 23    24+  
$18.90     $17.577  
/ EA
20593 Mustad Hammerhead 1 Race Nails $17.95
1 - 23    24+  
$17.95     $16.693  
/ EA
20594 Mustad Hammerhead 2 Race Nails $18.64
1 - 11    12+  
$18.64     $17.335  
/ EA

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