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Londonderry Forge Tool Maintenance Kit
The kit is based on a grinding machine with spiral tapers replacing the grinding wheels. Sateen compound is used to sharpen tools and knives, a ready coated wheel is included so you can use the kit straight away. Other cloth mops are used with grey and white honing compounds to get the perfect edge and revitalize rasps. Green compound used with a soft finishing mop gives items a mirror finish. It takes just seconds to swap from one process to the next, the mops simply spin on and off the spiral tapers. VERSATILE: Can be used to sharpen, hone and polish virtually all tools as well as so many of your shoeing and shoemaking tools including knives and rasps. ***PLEASE SELECT YOUT SPIRAL TAPERS TO FIT 1/2'' or 5/8'' GRINDER SHAFTS.***


* For orders outside the US and Cananda, please email us at orders@well-shod.com or call 1-800-206-2181.


Item Description Price Price Break UM
1216 Lf Spiral Taper Right Hand 5/8" $38.50 $38.50 / EA
1892 Lf Spiral Taper Right Hand 1/2" $38.50 $38.50 / EA
1215 Lf Spiral Taper Left Hand 5/8" $38.50 $38.50 / EA
1893 Lf Spiral Taper Left Hand 1/2" $38.50 $38.50 / EA
1235 Londonderry Forge Tool Maint Kit $133.00 $133.00 / EA

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