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Equilibrium Aluminum Eggbar


Theraputic Solutions Shoes Include:
-Mustad Equi-ibrium mechanics for ease of breakover
-Dimendions to offer support without being obtrusive
-North American style nail hole positioning (nails have been moved out of the toe mechanics)
-Sole relief
-Creaseand nail hole design to provide precision fit when "setting" the suggested nail
-Deep Crease
-Center of shoe mark in the to help position the desired shoe placement -Sizes 00-4 available

* For orders outside the US and Cananda, please email us at orders@well-shod.com or call 1-800-206-2181.


Item Description Price Price Break Unit of Measure Availability
75401 Equi Alu Eggbar 00 Front 23.5x9 $31.05 $31.05 / PR
75402 Equi Alu Eggbar 0 Front 24.5x9 $32.19 $32.19 / PR
75403 Equi Alu Eggbar 1 Front 25.5x10 $33.33 $33.33 / PR
75404 Equi Alu Eggbar 2 Front 26.5x10 $35.22 $35.22 / PR
75405 Equi Alu Eggbar 3 Front 27.5x10 $36.36 $36.36 / PR
75406 Equi Alu Eggbar 4 Front 28.5x10 $37.12 $37.12 / PR

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