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Designed to aid horses and farriers that need a heart bar with a soft frog support. The kit will provide protection and support for horses with serious hoof problems. Bolts may be removed to medicate sole when needed. The kit includes: One Lite Champion Shoe drilled and tapped, Four 5/16 x 1/2 Hex Head Bolts, One 1/8 inch thick Aluminum Pad, Three Copper Rivets, Two Neoprene Frog Support Pads, .250 & .380 thickness
Instructions for Application:
1. Bolts remain in shoe when shaping & setting shoe to hoof. 2. When shoe is set, place it on aluminum plate & tap with hammer. The bolt ends will mark where plate should be drilled with 3/8" drill bit. 3. Mark the outline of the shoe on the plate. Then cut the plate with bandsaw, cold chisel or creaser and file to finish. 4. Either of the frog support pieceS can now be riveted to the plate. A shim of leather or plastic can be added for proper height. Normal support should not be higher than 1mm or .400. Be sure that the soft black neoprene pad is against the frog. The flat rivet heads go next to the frog. 5. Before application to hoof, check completed assembly & if bolts protrude through bottom, grind or file off flush. CAUTION: shoe is tapered & if heel & toe bolts are switched, the heel bolt may protrude if placed in toe. Mark heel bolts to identify if necessary. 6. Sole Pack or other appropriate medicated dressing must be place under the pad. *THIS KIT SHOULD UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE APPLIED BY A NOVICE*

* For orders outside the US and Cananda, please email us at orders@well-shod.com or call 1-800-206-2181.


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6HK15 B Chapman Hospital Kit 1.5 $22.85 $22.85 / EA

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