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Greystone Forge - The English Sideblast Forge

An overview of how the forges are constructed and the benefits of sideblast.
Greystone Forge - Blacksmithing a Tue Iron

How Tue Irons are made.
Greystone Forges in use.

This is a video of Greystone Forge forges being used for the competitions at the International Blacksmith Festival 2014. Each competitor has up to 2 hours in which to create something based on a particular theme. These forges were used all day, every day for 4 days and were highly regarded by all competitors.
Greystone Forge Portable, 24"x27" and 27"x30"

This footage was taken at the International Blacksmiths Festival 2014 which showcases some of the worlds best blacksmiths. Greystone Forge forges were used throughout the competition and were very highly regarded by those who used them. So good in fact that we sold 3 of the four forges that we had at the festival.
FP Buffing/Sharpening Wheel

6'' x 3/4'' Buffing/Sharping Wheel with universal bushing. An excellent way to sharpen your hoof knives. For best results finish your knife with the felt wheel.
Londonderry Forge Tool Maintenance Kit

Londonderry Forge Supplies Ltd's best-selling Knife Sharpening and Tool Maintenance Kit is an excellent addition to any forge. Easy to install in workshop or van, and equally easy to use, it makes maintenance of knives, rasps, or shoeing and shoemaking tools easy, and efficient, extending tool life and improving precision.
This is a horse owner MUST watch, Laminitis can be prevented!

We visited Kevin Alcock , Farrier, He told us all about Laminitis, It's that time of year, nice green grass has lots of sugar , be careful out there.

Easyshoe Animation--Lateral and vertical flexion of the EasyShoe.
Roy Bloom - Customize your Anvil

Your anvil is your workbench, set it up to work for you.
Jim Quick Push Gouge

The Jim Quick Push Gouge features a double ended gouge that can be taken out of the handle and turn around when one end becomes dull. Available in green, black or blue.
Foremans Pull Offs

These Pulloffs are designed from Nigel Fennell's own hand-made design when he used to make them from rasps. These pulloffs are drop forged in the UK and Nigel personally assembles them by hand and sharpens & hardens the jaws and final polish.
Atkinson Tool Mainatance Compound

Jon Atkinson explains how to properly use tool compound.
FPD Drive In Studs

FPD Drive-In Studs with an improved design are now available. These studs now have a solid core. For those situations you need only enough traction to prevent sliding or slipping on hard surfaces, these studs are very simple to apply. Simply drill with a 17/64'' bit and seat the tapered shaft of the stud into the hole. It's amazing how much confidence your horses will gain when on blacktop or concrete. The studs should also give good traction for trail riding in terrain with large rocky footing.
NC Forge Assembly Instructions

NC Forge Assembly Instructions
Razer Horseshoe

Razer Horseshoes are made with flexible tool steel that gives the horse a barefoot feel while the shoe protects and supports the hoof making Razer better than barefoot. The hoof glides on the surface during the landing due to its wedge-like shape in the toe. The glide extends the length of the stride and reduced the recoil effect. A thin rounded toe on the shoe is very important for the glide.
ICAR Hot Drop Forge Process

Quality tools start with quality steel and a precision drop forge process!
Silverback Chaps

The lightest, most advanced farrier chap on the market. Silverback chaps offers the ultimate support, comfort and protection. Used by the best in the industry.
Steven Beane - How to sharpen your Beanie Knives

Equicast EVA Shoes

Used to treat moderate to light, chronic and acute laminitis. The biggest question in applying this kind of shoe is? What is your comfort zone?
Hoof Prep with Grant Moon

Follow Grant Moon as he prepares a hoof for shoeing: how to remove the shoe, evaluate, prepare and finally dress the hoof!
How to sharpen your loop blade knife.

Sharpen your loop blade knife with Roy Bloom and the EZE Lap 571 sharpener.
Krosscheck System

KrosschecK is an Equine Leverage Testing Device that Veterinarians and Professional Farriers can use to Support and Compliment Veterinary Diagnostic & Treatment Endeavors.
Multi-Tool Attachment

With a quick change of the belt, you can do many tasks with a Multi-Tool Attachment!
Mustad and St. Croix Horseshoes

An overview of St.Croix and Mustad horseshoes.
Paul Mitchell Knife Sharpener

With it's tapered conical end the Paul Mitchell Sharpener will fit the smallest of loops to the largest. The wider dual tapered elliptical end with it's radius ground edges will allow you to obtain the perfect cutting edge on any type of knife.
Prepping your anvil edges

FootPro guide to setting up your anvil.
Quarter Horse Farrier Evaluation

This is footage was recorded at the Kentucky Horse Park. It's one segment in a series of "evaluations" that Mike Wildenstein, CJF, FWCF, (hons) did on various breeds that are used at the Park.
Styrofoam Support Pads

How to fit the Styrofoam Support Pads for acute laminitis in equines. With Gene Ovnicek - EDSS Inc.