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Anvil Stump

There's never been anything to equal the ANVIL STUMP! Travel friendly and easy on the arm, nothing takes the vibration out yet retains as lively an anvil. The anvil stump's light weight, adjustable aluminum legs make packing up and moving a breeze. As for keeping your anvil where it needs to be, you don't have to bolt it, chain it or use clamps. Just drop the anvil between the four aluminum lugs and beat iron till your hearts content. Your elbow will thank you in the morning!
***Anvil Stumps may be back ordered, orders are being filled in the order they are received. Expect delays in shipping.***

Anvil Stump
Regular Price:  267.00 
Our Price:  259.00 
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TFS Anvil Stand

Made for Future and TFS Anvils
Table: 16'' x 22''
Height: 26.5''
Weight: 23 lbs

Regular Price:  289.00 
Our Price:  281.30 
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