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Item 1 of 1 in category: Sticky Shoe Kit
Sticky Shoe Kit

The first and fastest 2 minute glue on system in the world. Now being used by several master farriers shoeing for top thoroughbred trainers in the USA. Used for tender footed thin soled racehorses or just to maintain good sound hoof wall by driving fewer nails. Proven to help reduce or stop soreness or heat in the legs and hooves after racing or training. Available in most of our front racing plate styles and many of our competition shoes. Very economical and easy to use.
(Concept: B. Rynearson)

Each kit contains:
1 pair of thoro’bred sticky bonded shoes
1 bottle of thoro’grip
1 bottle of cleaner and accelerator
2 pair of latex gloves and instructions.

Easy to apply:
Trim and rasp the hoof level.
Shape and flatten shoe to match hoof - leave no gaps.
Wipe shoe and hoof with accelerator.
Allow to dry.
Rest hoof on clean surface while applying glue to shoe.
Place shoe on hoof and hold firmly for 10-15 seconds until sticky.
Lower hoof to ground and lift opposite hoof for 30-45 sec.
Then tap in clips on glued shoe and spray accelerator on any excess glue.
Lift and finish.
Adding a nail to each shoe branch will assure job four to eight weeks when learning this application.
(Thoro’Grip bonds well to acrylics).

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