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EquAcrylic™ Adhesive

EquAcrylic Adhesive for use with Sound Horse Tech shoes

This is the original, reliable & proven ''Slow Set'' modified acrylic adhesive (glue) for hoof repair and shoeing pioneered by Rob Sigafoos over 20 years ago. Packaged in poly-mix packs and sealed in foil for long shelf life. Poly packs for heating and cooling to control working times. Typical set time is 4 to 6 minutes at 70 degrees F. Requires no special tools to mix and use.
Foil Pack – 2 x 90 gram(3 oz each) packet

Foil Pack – 2 x 90 gram (3 oz ea)
Regular Price:  19.99 
Our Price:  18.90 
Order: ea.
Soundhorse Tech. Farrier Shears

Farrier Grade Tools™
Designed for Kevlar, Spectra, Vectran and other modern repair polymeric fabrics. High carbon steel, Rockwell 72C, hard chromed with high leverage grips & short, powerful serrated jaws.

Regular Price:  33.95 
Our Price:  32.00 
Order: ea.

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