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Items 1 & 2 of 5 in category: Snow Pads
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Castle Snowball Pad

Regular Sno Ball Pads
6 x 6 1/2'' x 1/8''
Large Sno Ball Pads
8'' x 7 3/4'' x 3/16''

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
Large  6.75  5.20 Pair
Regular  4.20  3.35 Pair
Mustad No-Snow

The snow sole for safer riding during the winter months. A unique air channel pushes the snow out of the hoof and prevents the formation of snow clumps.
No-Snow is easy to put on and is available in normal and small size and front and hind pattern.
The open, rounded underside of the snow sole minimises pressure on the sole and makes cleaning easier.
No-Snow is made of polyurethane for durability and is fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
Front Regular  108.50  100.91 10 pair box
Hind Regular  108.50  100.91 10 pair box
Front Regular  11.30  10.85 Pair
Hind Regular  11.30  10.85 Pair

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