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Luwex M9 Hoof Packing

M9 is another unique product offered by Luwex that shares some similarity to current products on the market but has very important unique characteristics of its own. This adhesive silicone type product sticks to a dry foot but requires NO TIP an NO GUN to apply. The benefit of this product is that it does NOT continue to harden and remains approximately 15-20% softer than others on the market.

M9 is an affordable hoof packing used for both support an cushion. This product is unique to its competition for several reasons.
*It does not continue to get harder over the shoeing cycle
*It is about 15-20% softer than the competition
*NO TIP / NO GUN required

M9 is available in a 2 Pack or a box of 12

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
12-Pack  173.00  160.00 ea.
2-Pack  29.99  28.50 ea.
4-Pack  59.70  54.00 ea.
Luwex Air-Ride

Luwex Air Ride Memory Foam is a new innovation in hoof pad material. Designed to use under a pad, this material can be adjusted to the denisity that is right for the application needed. With addition of a few drops of water, the density can be changed from firm to soft. These kits come complete with activator, syringe and gloves. Each 60ml bottle is enough for one hoof. This product works best when stored at 60 to 70 degrees before application

Directions: Air-Ride / Ai-Ride is designed to be use with a pad. If you are not using a Luwex pad or one with holes in it, make one to two 14mm holes (3/8'') in your pad on either side of the frog. This will be used for distribution of the product as well as overflow relief.
-Attach shoe/pad to the foot
-Using shipping wrap, wrap 2-4 times around the foot to contain any expansion and keep a clean looking job. You can use Duct Tape, however it will stick to the product and when removing may tear some of the material
-Open the Blue product bottle by unscrewing white top. (Do not cut tip yet)
-Add drops of water into the BLUE Air-Ride / Ai-Ride bottle using the supplied small Luwex water bottle or a 3ml/cc syringe for desired density and expansion of the foam. (3-6 drops for the standard sized 60ml/cc and 4-8 drops for the larger 90ml/cc bottles of Air-Ride / Ai-Ride. The more drops the softer the density and increased expansion)
-Draw up the appropriate amount of activator using a 20ml+ syringe (Standard sized Air-Ride 60ml/cc, same size as activator bottle, use 15 ml/cc and large sized Air-Ride -/ Ai-Ride 90 ml/cc use 20ml/cc )
-Inject the activator into the bottle of Air-Ride / Ai-Ride and replace the white cap.(Secure cap tightly)
-Shake well for approximately 7-10 seconds.
-Cut 1/4 of the tip of the white cap off carefully and Inject Air-Ride / Ai-Ride into the holes of the pad or the ones you made. Remember the foam will expand so any overfilling will exit out the same holes you are using to inject the Air-Ride / Ai-Ride product.
-Any expanded foam can be carefully cut using a sharp hoof knife after set time.
-Set-up time is approximately 30 - 90 seconds. If working in cold temperatures (35 and below) Air-Ride / Ai-Ride activator may become cloudy and crystalized in appearance. Simply warm the Activator
and the Air-Ride / Ai-Ride product slowly (Hair dryer on warm setting) until you can shake it easily and then use. Air-Ride has been stored and used in -15 successfully by following the above directions

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
4 Pack 60ml  79.15  75.00 ea.
12 Pack 60ml  212.00  200.00 ea.
2 Pack 60ml  45.00  39.00 ea.