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Londonderry Forge Tool Maintenance Kit

You know the effort required to shoe
a horse and how much easier that is
when using sharp and well set up
tools. The Londonderry Forge Tool
Maintenance Kit keeps you in control
of top class kit.
The kit is based on a grinding machine with spiral tapers replacing the grinding wheels. Sateen compound is used to sharpen tools and knives, a ready coated wheel is included so you can use the kit straight away. Other cloth mops are used with grey and white honing compounds to get the perfect edge and revitalize rasps. Green compound used with a soft finishing mop gives items a mirror finish. It takes just seconds to swap from one process to the next, the mops simply spin on and off the spiral tapers.
Can be used to sharpen, hone and polish virtually all tools as well as so many of your shoeing and shoemaking tools.
You have found the perfect knife but you need to keep it sharp. Sometimes, it is hard to get good results using hand sharpening equipment as the blades are made from hardened and tempered steel. The system enables you to obtain a keen edge on a blade and maintain it by honing regularly. It even gets into the hook of the knife. Your favorite knife is not worn away by over-sharpening yet keeps a razor sharp edge. Loop knives are sharpened using the same compounds on coated felt cones.
It seems unbelievable that you can extend the life of your rasps by simply sharpening them each day from new. Using the system it takes seconds to revitalise each rasp and they last months rather than weeks. The operation is so quick that you can do this between jobs for instant results and it costs only pennies. No waiting and no need to dip in noxious chemicals.
The versatile system can be used to dress stamps, fullers and pritchels and polish them to a mirror finish, making them easier to use and there is not need to remove handles. Clenching tongs can be honed to grip nails better. Nippers can be polished and honed so that they continue to cut like a new pair. Remove small imperfections from hammer faces and clean up claws so that ring-offs do not stick.


Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
With 1/2'' Spiral Tapers  233.10  192.00 ea.
With 5/8'' Spiral Tapers  233.10  192.00 ea.
Londonderry Forge Tool Maintance Kit Parts

All these items come included in the Londonderry Kit and are available here if you do not want the entire kit or if you need replacement product.

Londonderry Forge Supplies Ltd's best-selling Knife Sharpening and Tool Maintenance Kit is an excellent addition to any forge. Easy to install in workshop or van, and equally easy to use, it makes maintenance of knives, rasps, or shoeing and shoemaking tools easy, and efficient, extending tool life and improving precision.

There is no need to remove handles from tools before using, and the kit comes complete with all the polishing pads, buffers and sharpeners you need. maintaining tools takes seconds without any need for noxious chemicals. Once tried, you'll never want to work without it.

Our Tool Maintenance Kit is shipping all over Europe to farriers who have realized great benefits of single, simple and efficient system for keeping tools in topnotch condition.

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
Calico Finish Wheel 6''x1/2'' 1224    11.00 ea.
Colored Cloth Mop 8''x1/2'' 1221    12.50 ea.
Colored Cloth Mop w/ Satee 6''x1/2'' 1220    14.50 ea.
Mandrel Diamond Fine Grit 1229    25.99 ea.
Mandrel Diamond Medium Grit 1230    25.99 ea.
Mandrel Pink Fine Cone 2nd Step 1218    3.25 ea.
Mandrel Ruby Coarse Cone 1st Step 1217    3.25 ea.
Mandrel Tan Honing Cone Final 1219    7.50 ea.
Polishing Compound Green 1227    16.50 ea.
Polishing Compound White 1226    16.50 ea.
Polishing Grey Compound 1225    16.50 ea.
Sateen Compound 150 Grit 1228    22.99 ea.
Sisal Wheel 6''x1/2'' 1222    11.00 ea.
Spiral Taper Left Hand Fits 1/2'' Shaft 1893    38.50 ea.
Spiral Taper Left Hand Fits 5/8'' Shaft 1215    38.50 ea.
Spiral Taper Right Hand Fits 1/2'' Shaft 1892    38.50 ea.
Spiral Taper Right Hand Fits 5/8'' Shaft 1216    38.50 ea.

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