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Item 1 of 1 in category: Kerckhaert Synergy
Kerckhaert Synergy XT

This style of shoe was developed to be used on synthetic racing surfaces where the foot seems to plant and hold rather than getting the natural slide on landing that occurs in dirt or turf. The inability of the hoof to slide on synthetic surfaces seems to have created more soft tissue problems and this shoe was designed to minimize the grip or traction on landing. It has less crease, rolled edges and heels so the hoof can settle into the surface easier.
◾Shoe eases problems that occur on synthetic surfaces as a result of too much traction
◾Excellent choice for training and racing on any surface including those requiring a toe grab of no more than 2mm
◾Beveled aluminum coming to the top of the insert in front of the grab and a rolled toe.

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
3 Front  7.50  7.05 ea.
3 Front  70.50  65.57 10 pair box
3 Hind  7.50  7.05 ea.
3 Hind  70.50  65.57 10 pair box