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Items 1 & 2 of 5 in category: KB/GE Aluminum Bar Shoes
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KB Race Eggbar

This is the shoe of champions. From the
Kentucky Derby to the Red Mile, this has
been a KB Horseshoe winner for more than
ten years. The KB Racing Horseshoe is
also a good choice for young horses just
getting started.

It is lighter by design, has a thinner, narrower
web, with an elevated toe grab, and a
Newmarket-style nail hole pattern. You can
shape it cold at the horse, or hot out of the

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
KB Race Eggbar 0  26.80  22.55 Pair
KB Race Eggbar 00  25.70  21.65 Pair
KB Race Eggbar 1  27.40  23.05 Pair
KB Race Eggbar 2  28.60  24.05 Pair
KB Open Heel Two-Degree Wedge

KB Horseshoes take on the traditional
horseshoe. Light and durable with a
two-degree graduation, this shoe adds an
excellent base of support. Our two-degree
shoe is made from our same user-friendly
aluminum alloy extending the life of the
shoe for active horses.

This true''sporthorse'' shoe has a wide-web
''rolled-toe'' features, which provide greater
stability and ease breakover. The two-degree
shoe is traditional with a twist.

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
0  25.80  21.70 Pair
00  24.60  20.65 Pair
1  26.90  22.65 Pair
2  28.10  23.60 Pair

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