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Werkman Ortho Kit

Werkman Ortho-Kit
June 2013 saw the launch of a comprehensive scientific study on the subject of shoeing, funded by the Werkman Horseshoes company and led by Dr. Jenny Hagen (Veterinary-Anatomical Institute (Veterinär-Anatomisches Institut) of Leipzig University).

The study focused on the impact of various horseshoes and shoeing modifications, taking into account diverse soil types, on
-the distribution pattern of the vertical compressive forces exerted on the hoof
-the size of the load-bearing area
-the foot roll and the gait
-the orientation of the phalanges

The results of this study were used for the development of the Werkman Ortho-Kit.
The Werkman Ortho-Kit provides you with an effective and straightforward means to turn Werkman horseshoes into various therapeutic shoes.

**The Werkman Ortho Kit contains 2 each, small medium and large, Wide Branch, Wide Toe, Straight Bar, Heart Bar, Straight Bar Performance and Egg Bar inserts.**

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Werkman Ortho Kit 2.0

Werkman Horseshoes OrthoKit 2.0

In 2013 in cooperation with the university of Leipzig along with farriers and vets from around the world Werkman horseshoes developed the Orthokit.
This innovative range of orthopedic horseshoe inserts has been enthusiastically received by the farriery community around the world and as a result of their enthusiasm and feed back additional therapeutic inserts have been developed.
The Orthokit 2 remains true to the original ideas, enlarging the range of easy to use orthopedic horseshoe inserts designed by the experience of those in the field and supported by scientific research from the University of Leipzig.
Werkman horseshoes thanks you for your passion and commitment in improving the standards of farriery and welcomes your thoughts and ideas for future development.
With you Werkman Horseshoes is ''Proud to be a Farrier''.
**The Werkman Ortho Kit 2.0 contains 2 each, small medium and large, Centerbar, Spider Plate, Heartbar, Z-Bar and Lateral Extension inserts.**

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Ortho Kit 2.0  89.99  86.50 ea.

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