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Glue-U Shufill Impression Material

Glue-U SHUFILL Putty (Sole Support Impression Material) - A30 Green - 1320 gram Unit (Approx. 3lb. Unit) 2-Part Silicone Putty Material - Mix Equal Parts and it sets to an A30 (medium) hardness.

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3lbs A30 2 Part System  72.40  69.15 Kit
Soundhorse EquiFlex-Pak


Silicone Hoof Packing a.k.a. dental impression material, a term that is an artifact of development work done more than 20 years ago.

The SoundHorse 2-part silicone packing is specifically designed for the rigors of hoof packing application and is ''gas permeable''. This unique property allows treatment materials mixed with the silicone (copper sulfate) to slowly pass thru the cured silicone as a treatment.

Two-part silicone, 1:1 mix ratio with a quick set time. Excellent compatibility with copper sulfate.

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Soft 3bs Kit  75.29  73.00 ea.
X-Soft 3bs Kit  75.29  73.00 ea.

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