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St. Croix Polo Front

On the field you must have instant traction and be able to make abrupt turns with better breakover. The Polo Front is carefully engineered to give you the performance edge for high intensity action.

It features our signature higher inside rim. Also available in original pattern. Punched for SB5 nails.

Material: Steel
Usage: Sport
Horseshoe Size: 00,0,1
Front/Hind: Front
Clips: No clips
Section: Section to Size

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
0 Front  6.25  5.55 Pair
0 Front  111.00  103.24 20 pair box
00 Front  6.25  5.55 Pair
00 Front  111.00  103.24 20 pair box
1 Front  6.40  5.70 Pair
1 Front  114.00  106.02 20 pair box
St Croix Advantage Front

The design of the St. Croix Advantage builds on years of experience and a market study made with farriers. Not only does this shoe offer unique features for versatility of movement, but also gives farriers a clear advantage - as they stated after testing:

“Perfect shape ! Great fit out-of-the-box!”
“Very easy nailing and great nail fit !”
“Great wear!”
“Easy to modify!”

Balance and versatility:

these are the qualities that, above all others, determine the success of both the horse and rider at a competitive level. A horse must move with agility and speed, quickly and smoothly responding to directions—particularly in Western performance. Under such conditions, the horse’s shoes can either hinder or aid in performance. The St. Croix Advantage is designed to allow fluid movement with total control.

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
0 Front  98.00  91.14 20 pair box
0 Front  5.35  4.90 Pair
00 Front  98.00  91.14 20 pair box
00 Front  5.35  4.90 Pair
1 Front  5.35  4.90 Pair
1 Front  98.00  91.14 20 pair box
2 Front  5.45  5.00 Pair
2 Front  100.00  93.00 20 pair box
3 Front  6.25  5.80 Pair
3 Front  58.00  53.94 10 pair box

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