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The HorseSlip from Giltspur Scientific Ltd has broken the mold. In fact it is not molded at all but produced using a unique and patented method of spiral extrusion. This award winning innovation design means that all sizes and shapes of hoof can be accommodated at low cost. More importantly as reflected in the design the list of benefits for the horse goes on and on.

HorseSlips come in a long roll, or coil, that looks like a spring. Simply cut to fit the hoof and apply with any hoof adhesive. Hoof Slips recommends the use of an Acrylic adhesive, especially in wet climates.

*To stabilize cracked thin or brittle feet
*On broodmares to minimize likelihood of injury
*In light riding applications
*As an adjunct to the treatment of laminitis
*To treat limb deformities in foals

*HorseSlips are flexible which allows natural foot expansion and blood circulation around the hoof.
*HorseSlips do not interrupt natural horn growth.
*HorseSlips are cushioning reducing concussion by allowing the hoof to expand naturally.
*At the vet or farrier’s discretion, the shoe is easily modified for certain foot conditions.

**One regular roll will cover 4 to 5 hooves sized 0 or 1.**

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