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Hoof Solutions Sole Spray

An anti-microbial spray that establishes the environment necessary for healthy hoof growth for pre and post event injury. Promotes thick, well-grown sole and an intact, conditioned frog that serve to prevent the occurrence of sole bruises and abscesses. The antiseptic properties inhibit the colonization of bacteria and fungi that cause thrush and white line disease. Aids in the prevention of a chalky, thin sole, peeling frog, and cracked hoof wall. Daily use is a great preventative and conditioner to promote healthy, happy hooves.

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22oz (650ml) Bottle  20.00  18.99 ea.
Hoof Solutions Poultice Pack

The Poultice Pack contains one each Orthopedic Poultice Pad, Hoof Cap, and Pastern Wrap. Poultice your horse in three easy steps. The #1 Emergency Hoof Protection Kit for Horses. Developed by world renowned Horseman and Used by leading Trainers these Packs are a favorite with Veterinarians and Farriers. At the first sign of a hoof issue, ''Wrap it up'' until you can get a Hoofcare Professional on the scene.

''These handy Packs are an essential for every horse owner as an emergency protection for about any hoof problem, the sole is protected by 3 layers of cushion and medicated with an osmotic gel that helps draw out soreness, relieve pain and facilitate healing. Carry a pair for each size horse you have and they will save you time and money. The medicated Poultice Pads may be left on the horse for multiple days ( 2 to 4) while the durable Hoof Cap and protective Pastern Wrap may be Washed and reused multiple times. All you will need is a cohesive bandage, wrapping tape or duct tape to secure the ''Pack'' Non Sterile.

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Large up to 6''  22.50  18.99 ea.
Medium up to 5''  22.50  18.99 ea.
Small up to 4''  22.50  18.99 ea.

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