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Heller Grip Rasp Handle

**NEW** Heller Grip rasp handle for Heller rasps offers 2 versions to fit all the Heller range, including the new eXceL ORIGINAL. The RED and BLACK colors will support the traditional models of rasps and files. The BLUE color will support the eXceL models of rasps.
These new handles offer innovative design and concept for a better and safer experience when using rasp and files. The special design and texture increase grip and comfort ability for the farrier.

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
Black  7.99  6.55 ea.
Blue  7.99  6.55 ea.
Red  7.99  6.55 ea.
Heller eXcel Legend

Heller eXceL Legend by Heller
Maximum efficiency and balance!

Heller presents a new addition to it's portfolio: the eXceL Legend.

This new rasp has been developed in cooperation with a broad range of farriers and is the result of a newly developed, exclusive Heller technological innovation. After the successful launch of the eXceL Original we have added this new version so you have a choice in what works best for you!.
The eXceL Legend has the following features:
*10% wider yet light and balanced
*Larger working surface for improved leveling, efficiency and control
*Unrivaled Legend teeth design now even more effective in wet weather conditions
*New Multiglide file side leaves a smooth and glossy finish

Coarse side:
The new eXceL Legend has a coarse side which is designed to remove material easily with little effort. The mid-size teeth feature an open structure to prevent clogging, just like the original Legend. It's special design makes this rasp versatile for a variety of climates and particularly effective in wet weather conditions. In addition, more teeth per row have been added so that they cover the entire rasp surface for greater efficiency and more effective leveling of the hoof.

MultiGlide Fineside:
Multiple forward blades with sharp edges for close hoof removal, leaving a smooth finish. It combines multiple overcuts for easy hoof removal that avoids clogging. The answer for all who are seeking a polished and impressive look.

Description Reg Price Our Price Order    
 130.25  121.14 Box of 5
 28.10  26.05 ea.

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