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Grand Circuit Straight Heartbar

Heart Bar Frog Support Series. In each shoe, the heart bar supports or stabilizes P III through the frog. As a general rule, the point of the bar should be 1/4'' to 1/3'' behind the apex of the frog and in full but gentle contact with it. Frogs should be soft and pliable. Compression should not exceed 1/8'' of the frog. These shoes should be applied with x-rays and the consent of a veterinarian. The Egg Heart (GCEH) with full support is a shoe for long pastern or under slung horses. The D or straight heart bars (GCDH) is for horses with high heels or upright pasterns. The Egg Heart in D bar with blunt toes (GCDHB) or heart bar with blunt toes (GCEHB) help to reduce the strain of breakover. Sold in pairs.

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Size 5 (00)  27.55  26.30 Pair
Size 6 (0)  27.55  26.30 Pair
Size 7 (1)  31.45  29.80 Pair
Size 8 (2)  31.45  29.80 Pair
Grand Circuit Open Roller

Originally made in the 1800's to treat ankleosis (transmitting motion from the phalangeal joints to the bottom of the foot). Can be useful in treating ringbone, and in some cases, laminitis as it tends to improve circulation. Should be used only upon the advice of a veterinarian. Sold in pairs

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Size 5 (00)  37.10  35.30 Pair
Size 6 (0)  42.40  40.95 Pair
Size 7 (1)  42.40  40.95 Pair
Size 8 (2)  42.40  40.95 Pair

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