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Item 1 of 1 in category: Dalric Medial Lateral Ext.
Dalric Medial/Lateral Extension

* Knock Knees (Valgus)
* Valgus Hocks(Early correction offers better response.)Note: This shoe has little or no effect on toe out rotational deformities. This deformity often appears to be a valgus fetlock which is extremely rare in developing young horses.
Reasons for Use: * Easy to apply (adjustable)
* Dramatic results when used early
* Enhances dynamic stability
* Relieves stress on young bones
* Minimizes hoof and joint distortion. Cuffs Only, Glue not included. Commonly applied with Vettec Adhere.

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Size 1 Foals Max Width 2 3/4''  49.99  48.50 Pair
Size 2 Foals Max Width 3 1/4''  49.99  48.50 Pair
Size 3 Foals Max Width 4''  49.99  48.50 Pair